Dogs are welcome at the station and the market, however, we are not permitted to allow pets onto the train or into the Museum.

Inchanga station is wheelchair accessible, there is also disability parking and toilets. You are able to get around the station and the market by wheelchair. Unfortunately the coaches were not made to be wheelchair accessible.

Due to space being reserved on the train it is not possible to go out with one train and return with another. The way the trips are currently being organised the train does not stop at another point.

 The train runs on the last Sunday of the month. We only organise extra trains over December and Easter weekend.

 The train departs from Inchanga, it runs to Botha’s Hill, and then returns to Inchanga.

The train runs From Inchanga to Botha’s Hill and back to Inchanga.

Refreshments are sold on the train, however, food is sold at the market at Inchanga.

You can take food onto the train.

You can get the prices for our trips on the PRICE LIST

Due to costs of running the train, prices are at the lowest we can make them, hence we cannot offer group discounts.

We do not book anyone under 2 yrs old onto the train as they are “Lap Passenger”, hence we do not charge for them to go on the train either.  Under 2 yr old passengers though are allowed on the train.

Due to space issues in the passenger seating area of the train, we do not permit prams into those areas, however, we do have an area at the back of the train where prams, wheelchairs and other large items can be stored while you are on the train.

Umgeni Steam Railway hires a security company to patrol the parking areas around the station. They are equipped with radios to help each other if there is an issue to attend to.